— Anonymous: Hold up sugarbear. I give a single fuck and a ton more for all those who don't but should. If you die, how am I supposed to see your cuteness on my dashboard almost every single day? I know that maybe right now you don't feel like anyone cares but people really do. It's just harder for some to show it than others. I absolutely love you sweetpea. If you die now you'll miss out on everything so great and wonderful to come. If you die, I don't know what I'll do without you, baba. Please don't go.

Thank you my love. I wouldn’t ever do anything to harm myself. I just sometimes feel dead inside like the pain won’t stop. But I know that pain does not last forever. So I have a moment of weakness now and then, but it’s all okay in time. This means a lot to me thank you so much for your kind words. You’re a wonderful person thank you.

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I feel like I want to die again and no one cares. No one gives a single fuck.


Patrick Stump: I never said, “I’m gonna wear this hat every day, and these sideburns and these glasses.” I did it and people reacted, and when I didn’t do it people got mad at me. Here’s the defining moment: We played the Youth Inaugural Ball and got our picture taken with Obama—something awesome that I’m going to show my grandkids—but you can’t see my face. I’m totally hidden, and I thought, “In 20 years, am I still going to be wearing this?”

This is a quote from Patrick himself. Get over it.


there should be an avengers tv show but it should be filmed and executed like parks and rec

Fall Out Boy; discography (insp)

Pete during “Saturday” at the last monumentour show

Demi Lovato performing at the American Airlines in Miami Beach, Fl 09/14/14. 

I miss the wanted

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